If i were god

Forough Farrokhzad (The Revolt of God, 1957)

If I were God,
at last, one night
I would revolt, revolt-
against the whole wide world!

I would summon my angels in charge-
of drowning the sun- in the furnace of darkness.

And then, I would order my slaves on Earth-
to crop the dried leaf of moon from the tree of night.


In my wrath,
with grinding teeth, of the years of silence,
I would crush the mounts in my clenched fist.

And then, I would refill the greedy mouth of the seas-
with the litter of the peaks.


In my anguish,
I would unleash- the lonely, desolate stars,
chained together, forsaken, far apart,
to drop their feverish heart-
on the forests on Earth.

I would commission them to inject-
the boiling blood of fire in the cold veins of the trees!

And then, I would sit back to watch-
the golden maiden of fire fervently, freely dance,
in the wide-open space of the tamed forests!


In my grief,
I would sigh, sigh…
And then, I would assign-
the nightly wafts, to deliver my breath-
to all the rivers on Earth.

Sparing them at last,
from crawling day and night-
on the cold, moist bosom of the ground.


In my annoyance,
I would ask the rivers-
to leap up like thirsty snakes-
and bite the arid crowd of the clouds.

In my repugnance-
I would order the breeze-
to craft a sailboat made of the scent of rose-
and ride me to all the graveyards.

And then, I would open all the tombs,
and let all the lost souls on the loose to be again contained,
once more restrained, in the confines of flesh.


If I were God,
In my indignation,
I would command my angels to sink
the holy grail in hell and to expel
all the applicants of holiness
from the heavens.

If I were God,
in my exhaustion, in my fatigue,
I would vacate the throne for a leave of rest.
And I would prize myself with a night of sin with The Fallen!

Translation: Maryam Dilmagani, June 2012, Halifax


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