The twins

are far from identical. One is half-blind,
the other hunts small birds with a crossbow.

One has a decent tenor voice, the other
rasps out the obituaries on local radio.

One is vegan, the other eats everything,
and his favourite meat is bush rat, which

he frequents African restaurants to ingest.
His brother fails to accompany him there.

What have they in common? Blond hair,
a liking for horseracing, and the curious songs

of Leonard Cohen. Did they have the same
mother? Decidedly, yes. The same father?

Of course! Get real. Ask one what his favourite
film is, the other will answer Twin Peaks

even though it was a series, and not a film.
They once nearly died in a fire, but one

saved the other. Which is their mother’s pet?
She won’t tell you. Their father says he should

sell them to an animal-free zoo, but no one
at all believes him, least of all the twins.


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