The suckling pig

The suckling pig came flying over the wall
of the beleaguered city. It was still warm.
The smell drew a crowd of armed men
followed by crying women. The boys
roasting fat rats on spits let them burn.
A hand reached for a leg of the piglet
but was sliced off with a longsword.
Shouting rose in pitch to a hullabaloo
which was stabbed into stillness by a voice
saying ‘Only the Governor gets to eat it,
him and his wife, and maybe the Reverend.’

The Governor stood there in his wide hat.
He poked the pig with a finger, licked this
and looked at his wife, while the Reverend
blessed what they were going to consume.
‘What if it’s poisoned?’ said a boy,
who was shushed. A soldier took a dagger
from his belt, wiped it on his tunic,
cut off a juicy chunk and devoured it.
He grinned at the Governor who beckoned
the man to carve all and distribute it
to the three while the citizens looked on.


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