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Professor of Physics, 47 years old, 4 children’s mother. Specialised in Space Physics and candidate Doctor in New Technologies in Education too. In 2011 awarded with the prize for Excellence and Renovation in Education by the Ministry of Education in Greece. She lives in Larissa, Thessaly, Greece, under the shade of Olympus the mountain where, according to the Ancient Greeks Mythology the 12 Ancient Greeks Gods were living.

She likes to read and write poetry. She published lately her first book in greek “Seasons of Love” on BOOKSTARS editions. She published also her poems in four Anthologies of the Canadian poet Brian Wrixon “Words on the Winds of Change By Brian Wrixon and Poets For Social Justice”, “Tripping on Words: a Literary Atlas By Brian Wrixon and a World of Friends”, “The Poetry of War & Peace By Brian Wrixon and a World of Friends”, “The Survivor’s Guide to Bedlam By Brian Wrixon & John Hirst & Poets with Voices Strong” , the Anthology of the “Muse for Women No – to Violence against Women “ authored by MuseforWomen Poets Editor-in-chief Prof Denise Dee Sweet( Managing editor Mutiu Olawuyi (JP)) , the «ΑNTHOLOGY OF THE 9ELEVEN POETRY BY DR JP CHOMSKY» and some other Anthologies which are on the press in India.

Her poems are selected and published by many greek and international poetry magazines and internet poetry magazines and blogs and are welcomed on many Anglophones facebook poetry groups all over the world.

She posts her poetry on her blogs «Απωλέσθην» http://www.velissariou11.blogspot.com “Apolesthin” http://velissariou11.wordpress.com/

She speaks English, French and German fluently and she can manage with Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. She likes a lot translation. She translates her poems and other poems in English and other languages. Lately she often likes to write poems in English. You can see her work in «Απωλέσθην», “Apolesthin” and in a new cooperative blog “Bilingual MaGMa”http://www.magmachr.blogspot.com


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