Cry – tray of mine

I sought To soothe my aches Journeying through canals Of a dreaming morn

An army of frosty bone-starved canines Cocked their dried lids Hollering to scar my roving gait With their intruding paws I beheld

My frock they rumpled Gasping out shivering prayers My pot of garlands yet They littered with weeping blisters

They scythed the stalk of my sentinel My fragrance they scuffed on their spikes As their puppies wrapped their infant thirst With my dribbling dehydrated sperm

O this embittered cry-tray of mine Trawling for beds to plant bayonets I shall not abort Shall whistle tempos of homecoming

As their greedy blood my livid inferno Clad in the infantry of my soaring ink Splash on the silence of graveyards To bridge my sweat


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