The sacred gift

Something led me out as my lambs,

distant from the blood,

from the struggle,

from the misery of extermination.


I know that I was not in my same things

but a Messenger

in the desert of Where

An indefinite place of sun and sand

where in that “Where” in my memories

I could not repeat more his words

But love was what I felt, and so he told me:

“Beware of the deep, connected to the simple.

Because with the simple

walks and shows the depth



there is a false evidence

that is dispersed to the more true simple

The simple that you admire

as it’s example this place,

that where above us

or no-place of Where

where’s the sun without its temples

Because the temples that you expect

are in the heat of the ephemeral

logic to your eyelids.
now you understand

away from blood, from the fight,

from the misery of your extermination

this place of where


This place away

and close to your heart

This transition from me to you

where even the rain kiss the deserts


This place is left in peace


Rubble of stars

at the moonlight

Love at the friendly song of the wood

where I’ve done to reach you

for your conscious lambs


for the lambs who return

to the sound of your movements. “


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